Our Story

It's just the "Terrible Twos." We were hearing that again and again. From friends, relatives and doctors. Our pediatrician told us that. And so did the second one. And so did the third one.

It was difficult to believe and accept but I guess we had to. It was strange to see our happy-go-lucky baby girl turn into a fussy, constantly complaining toddler. The baby that used to be full of energy and laughter stopped sleeping at nights and spent most of the day curled up in the arms of my wife. Any other movement would be met with screams and tears, which was keeping us up at night and wearing down the entire family. The girl who had been happily running around at 13 months was now limping across the room.

It's just the "Terrible Twos." “Don’t be paranoid.” “You just got lucky with the first one. Most kids go through that.” From friends. From Pediatricians. From blood tests. From child psychiatrists. From orthopedic pediatricians.

Not from our hearts.

To make a long, very painful story short, it took us months of determination, persistence, perseverance, and anger before we convinced the health care system to take a closer look at our baby.

Finally, after we literally forced our last pediatrician to authorize a referral to a rheumatologist, we found the answer: Our baby had a severe case of Juvenile Arthritis (JA), a horrible, chronic condition that affects 3 out of every 1,000 children in this country.

Juvenile arthritis comes in many forms and some of them are difficult to diagnose as they cannot be identified – even by targeted blood tests. The cause of this disease is unknown, and there is currently no treatment that will eliminate the condition. However, there are drugs, herbal remedies, diets and other techniques that may keep the pain and inflammation at bay, allowing your kid to live a normal, active lifestyle.

Left untreated, JA is a crippling and potentially fatal condition.

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Untreated Juvenile Arthritis is a crippling and potentially fatal condition.